Nessa Leibhammer

   Africa considered


 exhibition curation I research I writing I museums  
contemporary I modern I historical I pre-industrial and early art and culture

My professional experience includes curating exhibitions, writing and research on African art history, visual theory, anthropology, archaeology and museum studies with numerous publications in these fields.  I have researched, designed and set up exhibitions that engage contemporary, modern, historical, customary and archaeological subject matter.

The African Continent is a place of exciting modernities, dynamic hybridity and change as well as one with deep and profound histories. I take into consideration not just what knowledge exists now but how this came to be preserved in its present form.  In this way I find more cogent ways of speaking about, presenting, and understanding Africa, and its creative communities both now and in the past. 


In 2012-3 I was an invited Research Fellow of the African Studies Research Centre at Cambridge University, UK. For 10 years I was the curator of Traditional Collections at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. At the MTN Art Institute I was head of research and the African art curator, becoming overall curator of the corporate collection and manager of the MTN Foundation’s Arts and Culture Portfolio in 2002. In this position I managed projects such as the MTN’s New Contemporaries competition. In 2017 the publication Tribing and Untribing the Archive; Identity and the Material Record in Southern KwaZulu-Natal in the late Independent and Colonial Periods  that I co-edited won a Choice Award for outstanding academic titles. 



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